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3 Essential Outdoor Appliances for Easy Entertaining

The outdoor kitchen and entertainment areas are the perfect place for a summer barbecue, evening get-together or games night. Creating a comfortable, easy-to-use space can be the difference between outdoor entertaining being a pleasure or a pain in the neck. Whether you need a fully kitted outdoor kitchen or are just upgrading your veranda, here are 3 essential outdoor appliances for easy entertaining.

The outdoor grill

Every outdoor entertainment area needs a cooking unit. You can go for a smoker or a pizza oven, but most people opt for the classic grill. If you want to take it to the next level, a side burner is a great outdoor appliance to go with your grill.

If you’re preparing sauces alongside your meal, this will mean that you’re not running into the kitchen to prep extra vegetables, but seamlessly doing two things at once while your guests sip their drinks.

There is a range of gas and charcoal barbecues to choose from, depending on your space and budget.

The outdoor refrigeration unit

The outdoor refrigeration unit is almost as essential as the grill. Instead of traipsing through the house to fetch drinks, sauces or condiments, everything you need is within arm’s reach.

Food can be easily stored until it is ready to be cooked, salads easily to transferred to the table, and drinks cold throughout your day. For an even more luxurious add-on, consider an ice maker. These are especially useful if you will be mixing drinks or cocktails.

 Outdoor sound system

Music is key to creating ambiance while entertaining outdoors, whether you’re at the pool, relaxing on the patio or entertaining a crowd. Most people consider wireless speakers an outdoor sound solution, but these rarely work well. They’re also not designed to be used outside and can be affected by weather and humidity.

A quality outdoor sound system is a wise investment. There are many systems and speakers designed to brave the elements, and the right ones for you depend on your individual needs.

Do you need to fill your whole backyard with sound? Is it a covered or uncovered space? Are you neighbours sensitive? An AV professional can provide expert advice on the right set up for you, but a sound system is an essential outdoor appliance for easy entertaining.

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