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5 Signs That Your Dishwasher Needs Repair

Do you know if your dishwasher needs repair? Maybe your dishwasher is not working well but you cannot decide whether to replace or repair it. These signs will help you to make a decision.

Your dishwasher does not power on

If you plug in your dishwasher but it does not power on, confirm that you have properly plugged it in and switched on the power. Also, make sure that you have closed the dishwasher door.

If you do these and still your washer does not power on, then you should call an appliance repair technician who will figure out what the problem is and whether it requires repair or not.

Your dishes are still dirty after the washing cycle

You may notice that your dishwasher goes through the cleaning cycle but your dishes still have food remains. When this happens, confirm if you used the right type and quantity of detergent, selected the right wash cycle, and, the debris trap is not blocked. These should sort out the problem.

However, if the dishes still come out dirty, it is likely that the dishwasher’s heating system is faulty and needs repair.

Another sign that the heating system has a problem is when the dishes are cold or lukewarm to the touch when they come out of a clean cycle.


Does the dishwasher door seal properly?

It is tempting to ignore a broken door latch if the washer is still running properly. But don’t take the risk because you can easily end up with half clean dishes and a swimming pool in your kitchen. Instead, make sure that the latch is repaired promptly.

Does water collect at the bottom of the dishwasher?

If you notice signs of water leakage from the dishwasher take action immediately. Turn off the water supply valves and consult an appliance repair professional for help. Water leakage can result from the hoses, valve components or a damaged gasket seal.

Do you hear loud noises when the washer is running?

Any grinding or screeching noises while your dishwasher is running indicates trouble. It can be a minor problem caused by a hard foreign object lodged in the sprayer arm of the washer – which you can easily dislodge – or it can be a result of a faulty motor which will need repair.

Make sure that you sort out any problems with your dishwasher before they increase and cost you more money to sort out. Consult us at Nationwide Appliance Repair for complete solutions to all your appliance repair and spare part needs throughout Australia. Call us to inquire.