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Are you looking for reliable AEG Fridge Repairs? At Nationwide Appliance Repairs we have a team of skilled repairers with a long history of handling AEG fridge repairs, amongst other brands and appliances across Australia. Having an appliance problem? Our track record of resolved repairs dictates that we’ll take care of it in no time! Your convenience is our priority.

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AEG Fridge in need of professional servicing?

Our mission is to make sure your AEG fridges, and other appliances, are working in top form at all times! So if your fridge is experiencing any problems like not cooling properly, leaking or even making unusual noises, you can contact us to get a reliable technician dispatched ASAP! At Nationwide Appliance Repairs, we guarantee to conduct a thorough diagnosis and carry out repairs swiftly.

Our team is consistently trained to handle any of the above fridge repairs and more! If your fridge is in need of general servicing or maintenance or any other repair-related problem, we’ll have a technician dispatched at our earliest to take a look at it. Want same day service? Call before noon and you can benefit from our emergency appliance repair scheme. At NWAR, we don’t just service AEG fridges- we handle the servicing of various fridge brands and models in our aim to be consistent with our repairs. You can also count on us for all your other appliance repairs, including oven repairs, dishwasher repair, washing machine repair, cooktop repair and more!

We offer warranty on all our services, repairs and parts to guarantee customer satisfaction across all jobs. All spare parts used come from our very own store so we attest to their quality and durability. Our store contains all the latest parts, tools and equipments needed for a successful job, allowing every technician to arrive for each job highly prepared.

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