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Appliances, such as a fridge and dishwasher, provide facilitative support in carrying out and completing your everyday household tasks smoothly and efficiently. Laden with outstanding features and functionalities, appliances save a lot of time and reduce hard manual labor. A malfunctioned or broken appliance can not only cause a lot of discomfort and stress but can also disrupt your and your family’s routine schedule.

If you notice any signs of a potential problem with your fridge, coffee machine, washer, or any other appliance, you need to get it checked by an expert appliance repair service provider.

When your residential or commercial appliance malfunctions, and you have no idea what is wrong or how to deal with the situation, you can count on us.

Our professionals, at Nationwide Appliance Repairs, will thoroughly analyze the appliance and get all the faulty components repaired in no time. When you hire our appliance repair services, you get the professional and best technicians who perform safe & effective repairs and an outstanding job.

Fridge Repair Abbotsford

Save yourself some money today by opting for our service here at NWAR. We are the brand synonymous with quality for years in the appliance repair business. If you want a once-and-for all fridge repair service, instead of recurring fridge problems, this is the number one service for you. Give us a call now and we’ll have your fridge repaired ASAP.

Washing Machine Repair Abbotsford

When it comes to reputable appliance repair, NWAR has you covered. We offer high quality washing machine repairs to our esteemed clients in Abbotsford. If your washer can’t complete its cycle, won’t start or is making unusual noises, don’t wait around anymore, call us today.


Dishwasher Repair Abbotsford

It has been our lifelong mission here at NWAR to bring our clients only the very best in quality dishwasher repair. No more backaches, no more long hours at the sink. Simply reach out to us today and we will send our appliance repair representative to have a look at your faulty dishwasher.

Oven Repair Abbotsford

Is your oven not heating food evenly? Are you having to plan out alternative dinners because your oven won’t work right? No more, you can enlist the help of NWAR. We have highly experienced technicians who are more than capable of servicing your oven speedily and having it working in no time!

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