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We all perfectly understand and acknowledge the values and benefits an appliance brings to us and our family. Various appliances, such as a washing machine, refrigerator, and dryer, help you perform tasks involving manual hard work with ease and comfort. A fridge helps you preserve and keep your food fresh for longer, minimizing your trips to the grocery store and saving you a bunch of money. A dishwasher saves you the trouble and time involved in the hand washing, rinsing, and drying of dirty, greasy dishes one-by-one. And if your dishwasher or fridge gets malfunctioned or fails to function properly, it can entirely ruin your schedule and plans. Don’t fret! Nationwide Appliance Repairs is here to save you day with its fast repair services.

There’s no issue that our expert, skilled technicians can’t handle or fix. They have all the right instruments in their tool kit, combined with their years of experience, our experts find and attack the cause of the problem directly.

Our technicians are expert in servicing and repairing:

  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens
  • Fridges
  • Cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • Coffee Machines
  • Cool Rooms
  • Washing Machines

Fridge Repair Alexandria

Fridge not cooling? No matter the issue, we can guarantee quality fridge repair to the residents of Alexandria. We have you covered with an insured service and nothing short of expert technicians to repair your fridge promptly.

Washing Machine Repair Alexandria

Facing a growing pile of laundry thanks to a washer that won’t spin or complete its cycle? The team at NWAR has handled various types of washing machine repair in the past so we can take care of your problem no matter the make or model of your appliance!


Dishwasher Repair Alexandria

If your dishwasher has been slacking as of late and leaving behind grease marks and stains, the appliance is definitely in need of a service. We are experts in the appliance repair business. Call our dishwasher repair tech guys anytime and they will take care of you.

Oven Repair Alexandria

Is the regulator on your oven broken? Or do your cakes not come out the way you want them to? This is the time to have that oven looked at by a reliable oven repair service. Here at NWAR, we have years of experience in the appliance repair trade to easily service any faulty oven of all sizes and brand. Simply contact us today!

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