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Home appliances, be it an oven, fridge, or dishwasher, help you live a stress-free and healthy life, full of comfort and convenience. A broken appliance can turn out to be dreadful, kill your productivity, and slow you down. Despite this, most people tend to ignore their appliances and ignore warnings that may damage the machine and require immediate action. Instead of waiting until your machine is no longer functioning, it is smart to get your appliance examined and fixed by an expert before it’s permanently impaired.

If you are having issues with your appliance, call us and one of our technicians will visit you and fix your appliances issues without any delays. We service and fix a wide range of home and residential appliances, such as ovens, fridges, washers, washing machines, and cooktops, at affordable rates. Our expert will analyze the issue, figure out the causes, provide you with all the details of the problem. They will provide the best possible solutions to your appliance problems and be there to help you make a decision, every step of the way.

Fridge Repair Annandale

We are expert appliance specialists capable of tackling any type of fridge repair issues, which may include bad compressors, faulty regulators and burnt capacitors. Whatever the issue is, we will handle it for you promptly and at affordable rates. Give us a call today and a technician will be with you shortly.

Washing Machine Repair Annandale

NWAR offers the finest repair service for washing machines in Annandale. We are quite familiar with the workings of a washing machine, regardless of brand and model so your repairs are in the safest possible. You don’t have to worry about that growing pile of laundry anymore!


Dishwasher Repair Annandale

Have you been experiencing problems with your dishwasher as of late? We have just the solution for you! Our team of technicians have handled various types of dishwasher repairs in Annandale and across the country so contact us today for speedy repairs.

Oven Repair Annandale

At NWAR, we offer reliable oven repairs for everyone in Annandale. Having spent years in the appliance repair business, we are equipped with the technical knowhow and tools to make quick work of your oven issues.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got an issue with your appliance, get in contact with our expert technicians to get your appliance fixed at your earliest convenience today!