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If you notice anything unusual with your appliance, you must eliminate any possibility of your appliance getting failed and deal with annoying quirks immediately. While you can attempt or even manage to fix some common problems, complex issues require expert appliance repair services and professional care. Handling faulty electrical appliances, be it a washing machine or fridge, without any training could cause safety issues and lead to wrong analysis. We, at NWAR, are an expert in handling and repairing defective or broken appliances and dealing with sorts of hazards and dangers that come with them.

From your dishwasher issues to freezer troubles, our experts can be of your assistance and take care of your appliance issues at the earliest possible time. They carry an assortment of essential parts and mechanical tools to facilitate the replacement of any component that is broken or failed beyond repair. They ensure the servicing and repairing of your appliance in the most efficient and safest way possible. Whether you need your appliance to be repaired or serviced on a regular basis, we can help you with your all maintenance and repair needs effectively.

Fridge Repair Arcadia

Get in touch with NWAR for that quality fridge repair you so badly need. We offer our repair services in Arcadia and surrounding environments so all residents can easily access quality fridge repairs. We guarantee a speedy delivery of repair services that is also affordable!

Washing Machine Repair Arcadia

If you’re experiencing recurring problems with your washing machine in Arcadia, you’re likely trusting the wrong service. At NWAR, where we provide top-notch washing machine repair service at a very fair and affordable rate we guarantee a quick but permanent service!


Dishwasher Repair Arcadia

At NWAR, we are uncompromising when it comes to quality so you can count on us for top-notch repairs of your dishwasher at very affordable rates. You no longer have to spend extra time washing the dishes manually when you have our service.

Oven Repair Arcadia

At NWAR we have a team of highly dedicated oven repair specialists ready to receive you. All you have to do is call our team and we’ll have a technician dispatched with all the tools and parts needed to complete your oven repairs.

To learn more about our appliance repair services or book your repair service, call us!