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If high-quality, reliability, same-day repairs, and fast service are some of the aspects you are looking for in an appliance repair provider, you are at the right place. It takes more than just a tool to identify and fix problems with a machine. Troubleshooting appliance issues and handling repairs effectively require the specific skill set, adequate technical training, and considerable knowledge of tools and machines. At NWAR, our professional technicians, experts, and consultants have cultivated these qualities through many years of working experience.

Our certified and factory-trained appliance repair technicians provide high-quality and prompt commercial and residential appliance repair and maintenance services with no delay! Based on how problematic your appliance is, and the complexity level, our expert will provide the most appropriate solutions to get it up and running again in no time. They can easily handle typical and intricate repairs and troubleshoot your appliance, be it a fridge, oven, washing machine, or cooktop, in the most efficient way.

Fridge repair in Beverly Hills

If you live in Beverly Hills and you’re on the lookout for an efficient fridge repair service, waste no time contacting the team at NWAR for efficient repairs. Each of our technicians are insured and qualified to take on any fridge repair that comes their way, regardless of brand, make & model.

Dishwasher repair in Beverly Hills

Tackling dirty dishes strewn all over the kitchen is no child’s play. That’s why we’re here to offer you a Warranty-protected dishwasher repair service. Just reach out to us today and our agents will be glad to attend to you and help get those dirty dishes off your sink immediately.


Washing Machine Repair in Beverly Hills

We understand how frustrating it can be to spend the entire day doing laundry thanks to a broken washing machine. Our technicians are experienced and have what it takes to get your washing machine in good shape again.

Oven repair in Beverly Hills

Oven not heating food evenly? Controls not working or your appliance giving off strange odors? Not to worry, NWAR is the best repair company in Beverly Hills and we have decades of experience in fixing ovens of different brands. Simply reach out to us today.

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