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When your newly purchased fridge suddenly stops working after a few uses, you want the quickest way to repair it. Did you have to go to work without your daily coffee on a cold morning due to coffee machine malfunction? How do you deal with a bad washing machine when you have loads of clothes to wash? Contact us at NWAR and we will be at your doorstep at a very short time! Repairs will be carried out by our experienced appliance repair experts who have the experience and technical know-how to deliver the best appliance repair service in Kensington.

Our repair service is compared to no other repair companies around Kensington; using our service is the only way to attest to this!

Have you had a deal with unfaithful repair companies in the past, leaving you scared of using our service? We understand how this feels and we have put everything in place to make our clients feel very comfortable using our service. We're affordable, reliable, and deliver in a very timely manner!

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