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At NWAR, we have a team of appliance repair experts that offer oven repairs, dishwasher repairs, fridge repairs, washing machine repairs and much more at a very reasonable price. Essentially, we offer quality, complete appliance solutions to Paramatta residents. As a leading & trusted repair service in the country, consistency in our services is a top-most priority. Simply call us before 12 pm AEST and we can even possibly send out a technician on the very same day to take care of your repairs! Each of our services and parts come with a full warranty, and we can even give you some helpful tips on how to better maintain your appliance to avoid such breakdowns! We’re always prepared for emergencies so call us today for quick, reliable fixes!

Fridge Repair Parramatta

NWAR has been a leading name when it comes to top-quality appliance repair services. Our technicians are highly skilled when it comes to fridge repair and we have a long line of happy customers willing to testify to this fact. Call on us today to take care of that fridge problem once and for all.

Washing Machine Repair Parramatta

As the nation’s leading source of appliance repairs, your washing machine in Parramatta couldn’t be in safer hands! We are quite used to handling an array of washing machine problems and having your appliance fixed in no time!


Dishwasher Repair Parramatta

NWAR is the go-to service for the best dishwasher repair experts in Parramatta. We know just what to do to get your dishwasher working again and have all the necessary tools & parts from our own store so you’re assured of high quality on all fronts.

Oven Repair Parramatta

In need of reliable oven repairs in Parramatta? NWAR has an excellent track record of resolved appliance issues so your oven is in safest hands with us! We guarantee an affordable repair of top-notch quality so you don’t have to keep experiencing the need for oven repairs!

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