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When your oven or any of your appliances get damaged after a few uses, spending extra bucks for repair might be a problem. This mostly occurs when you get an appliance without a warranty. That’s why we’re offering you an opportunity to repair your appliances at affordable prices. We also offer warranty service repairs on appliances and our servicemen are trained professionals in what they do.

 They have years of appliance repair experience on different models like Fisher, Haier, Samsung, and more! We are reliable, dependable and affordable. Our services are compared to no other repair company around Rockdale. We have what it takes to provide you with the best repair service and our aim is to always ensure your satisfaction. If you’re having a bad day because of your damaged stove, or you had to spend some extra bucks for your laundry due to washing machine malfunction, contact NWAR for immediate repair.

If you've always wanted to repair your appliances but you have little faith in repair companies due to your bad experiences in the past, it's time to reach us on 1300 652 100

and our servicemen will be at your doorstep in no time!