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If you’ve been looking for a reputable appliance repair company in Roseville without success, you should contact NWAR immediately. Ever since our opening in 2009, we have become the nation’s trusted and leading source of appliance repairs without fail! We deliver each and every time on our promise of top-notch, speedy repairs that are highly affordable to the people of Roseville. Catering to all household and commercial appliances, you’ll be entrusting your appliance repairs to certified professionals that are trained to operate in emergency situations. We guarantee nothing short of the best solution for your appliances so call 1300 652 100 to schedule an appointment!

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Fridge Repair Roseville

Do you require the services of a good fridge repair specialist in Roseville? Look no further. Our appliance repair guys at NWAR will hook that faulty fridge up in no time and have it looking almost brand new. Just give them a call and they will be at your doorstep in a matter of minutes.

Washing Machine Repair Roseville

NWAR has one of the best-skilled appliance repair guys in the Roseville area. Give them a call and they will send in one of their washing machine repair specialists to check you out. Our skills include a prompt fix of your washing machine!

Dishwasher Repair Roseville

NWAR has a team of great dishwasher repair guys that can fix that broken dishwasher in no time. They are some of the best-trained appliance repair specialists in the area. Don’t hesitate; just give us a call today.

Oven Repair Roseville

Tired of poor repair services and expensive repairs? We have a great appliance repair center here at NWAR where we handle all kinds of oven repair of all brands. Contact our team today for an affordable yet top quality repai

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Using it regardless of the fault could also mean that you will be spending a lot more on repairs or even buy a new when total damage occurs. Before getting your appliances damaged further, simply contact us on 1300 652 100

and our friendly phone staff will attend to all your questions.