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Appliances are a vital part of our households as they make our lives easier by helping us cook and preserve food, clean our clothes and dishes, and a lot more. When any of your appliances have a problem, it can be very challenging and stressful. Laundry can accumulate, food can spoil, and so many other things can go wrong. Therefore, you’ll need to find a repair service fast to restore your appliance to its optimum operation.

Same Day Service & 12 Month Warranty

Tired of calling in the same technician every few months for the same appliance problem? We have you covered! At NWAR, we operate under a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Hence, we offer a 12 month parts & labour warranty to ease your mind and assure you we’re working to the best of our abilities!

Need same-day emergency repairs? We know you can’t afford to wait days on end for a technician to show up when an important appliance breaks down! Call us before 12pm AEDT, and we’ll have one of our technicians sent to meet you on the same day or at your earliest convenience! We operate across Australia- all cities and suburbs included! So, call us today for an expert appliance fix.

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Many people always ask “do I really need a repair specialist when I can handle this myself?”. You don’t necessarily have to call in a technician for routine maintenance- though, we can definitely handle that for you in a jiffy or give you tips on how to sustain your appliance! However, most appliance problems are complex and demand technical expertise- hence, better left to professionals in order to save time and money from temporary fixes in the long run. Trying to perform the repairs yourself may also cause more damage, or you could end up getting hurt. Our technicians are familiar with all sorts of appliance repairs, having honed their skills to perfection since our company’s inception in 2009. Essentially, Nationwide Appliance Repairs offers service and repair for all appliances across Australia so if you’re searching for repair services for your oven, washer, freezer or any other appliance, our experts are eager and happy to serve you and all your repair needs.

Appliances that We Repair

As a team that’s been dedicated to appliance repairs since 2009, we can safely say that we are beyond trained and qualified to tackle the repairs of any appliance that might be giving you problems. Take a look at our list of appliances that we repair:


Appliance Brands We Repair

We assure all of our customers that no matter the brand of their appliance, we can handle their repairs and maintenance. We work closely with manufacturers in order to obtain spares (covered by warranty) that make us fully equipped for any job. Here are some of the brands we handle:

Our Service Areas

In keeping with our namesake, we offer our services to all residents across Australia. Take a look at some of our service areas:

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Be it for repairs or routine inspections, we’re your go-to solution! .