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Nationwide Appliance Repair provides oven, dishwasher, fridge repair for all makes and models of Blanco Appliances in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and other locations across Australia. Founded in 1925, Blanco has been a leader in innovative solutions, making your appliances more enjoyable. Their aim is to deliver stylish and high-quality German craftsmanship with a range of products that have outstanding form and function teamed with innovation and precision.

Same Day Service & 12 Month Warranty

Blanco appliance broke down and you can’t afford to wait days for a technician to arrive? We have you covered! NWAR operates across Australia to provide all customers a chance at quality repairs. Call us before 12pm AEST and you can even book same day repairs! Be it your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine or any other appliance, we can have it fixed in no time and even offer warranty on parts & labour!

Best Blanco Repair Technicians in Australia!

Nationwide Appliance Repair is one of the leading Blanco appliance repair service providers in Australia and has been providing quality service and solutions to all of your appliance repair needs since 2009. From common mechanical problems, to even the most complicated of repairs, our technicians are highly qualified and certify top quality service for all of your Blanco oven and dishwasher repair needs. Customer service is our top priority so your repair will be given the utmost attention as our technicians get to the bottom of your issue. Trained in the latest technologies and repair methods, our staff will always come prepared with the necessary tools and equipment needed for success.

BLANCO dishwasher

What Blanco Appliances do we repair?

NWAR carries out Blanco appliance repairs for:

  • Cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • Freestanding Cookers
  • Ovens
  • Rangehoods


Blanco dishwashers are one of the most popular appliances used in Australian households. Largely due to their high quality build as well as their cleaning efficiency. If your Blanco dishwasher requires repair, go to our Blanco dishwasher repair page. We can have your Blanco appliance repair completed fast and efficiently.


We can repair all models of Blanco cooktops. It is far more economical to have them repaired rather than replace them. Our technicians have handled various cooktop repairs in the past and are capable of having your Blanco appliance up and running in no time.


Your oven is an essential part of your household. If your oven isn’t working, your kitchen isn’t working. When our technicians come to your house for a service call regarding your Blanco oven, we know exactly what we’re looking for and how to come up with a solution with no time to waste.

Our Service Areas

We service across Australia in our attempts to give all possible customers quality repairs for their broken appliances. All you have to do is call us today and we’ll handle the rest, no matter where you live!

Other Appliances We Repair

Are you having issues with other appliance brands? You’re in luck! We provide quality repair services for all major appliances and appliance brands across Australia. Our mission is to make sure your Blanco ovens, dishwashers and rangehoods continue to run as efficiently as possible. Call one of our nationwide offices today for a free consultation. Call us before 12pm AEST for quick and convenient same day service.