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Blanco appliances are known for their durability and edge in the industry. However, with time, all appliances (regardless of brand) tend to experience malfunctions that you simply can’t ignore. This is when you need a reliable technician on standby to take care of the job! Nationwide Appliance Repairs is Australia’s leading repair service that provides quality repairs to your dishwashers and other appliances in Melbourne and other cities.

Expert Oven Repairs at Affordable Rates in Melbourne

If you’ve been spending large amounts in Melbourne on your oven repairs for temporary fixes, it’s definitely time you look at changing your service! You’ve come to the right place! At NWAR we take a customer-oriented approach that allows us to fix your ovens- not only at reasonable rates- but with top-notch solutions. Each of our employees has undergone thorough training in order to offer prompt repairs and on-the-spot solutions for oven problems. We can guarantee expert services at all times!

Emergency Repairs under 12 Month Warranty

At NWAR, we have a team of experienced technicians that have been trained to excel at emergency repairs so if you need same day service in Melbourne, we’re the number one repair service to call for all your oven repairs! All we require from you is a call before 12pm AEST! Worried about poor repairs that won’t last? We offer a warranty on all our services to show you, our customers, that we are truly giving your appliance repair our all!


Common Blanco Oven Repairs

Having over a decade of experience with oven repairs means that our team has encountered various problems, both complex and simple, when it comes to this appliance. If any of the below problems look familiar, call our team for quick repairs!

  • Oven not cooking food evenly
  • Oven not shutting or opening
  • Oven being too noisy
  • Oven failure to turn on
  • Oven temperature not matching the gauge
  • Oven not self-cleaning
  • Smoke or unpleasant smell from oven chambers
  • Broken control buttons or interior lights
  • Gas oven won’t light
  • Oven isn’t heating evenly
  • Strange odour coming from the chamber
  • Unusual noises from the oven chamber

High Quality Blanco Oven Spare Parts

Our store in Melbourne has a thorough range of high-quality Blanco Oven spare parts that allow our technicians to show up for each job extremely prepared. We have all the items you may need available for quick delivery.

Other Appliances We Repair

Your Blanco oven isn’t the only appliance we can repair with ease! Our technicians are more than capable- and even certified & insured- to carry out your other appliance needs, regardless of its brand. We offer services to appliances such as fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, cooktops and many more household/commercial appliances. If you’re looking for a repair service to get your repair done right, once and for all- call us today.

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