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At NWAR we provide a comprehensive range of Bosch washing machine repair services. We provide Bosch appliance repair for all Bosch appliances in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all other areas across Australia.
Bosch are one of the world’s largest home appliance manufacturers and they continue to maintain their German heritage by producing and distributing high-quality, German-engineered appliances. As the leading repair service in of Bosch washing machines in Australia, we guarantee impeccable customer service and the highest quality repairs to get the job done right, for these high quality machines.

12 Month Washer Repair Warranty 

We understand that some appliances are too important to be left unfixed for long so once they are fixed you want to know it is done right. That is why we provide a 12 month repair warranty on Bosch washing machines that we repair, so you can call us with the knowledge that we will do it first time however if the same problem occurs with your washing machine within 12 months of the repair services being carried out, we’ll sort it out with our repair warranty.


Common Bosch washing machine repairs

Whilst Bosch washing machines are known to be quality and reliable units, with wear and tear as with anything they can develop issues. Some of the more common faults requiring servicing are;

  • Not finishing wash cycle
  • Leaking washing machine
  • Noisy or vibrating during wash cycle
  • Drain hose issues
  • Door seal issues
  • Washing machine smells
  • Not dispensing detergent
  • Won’t power on

For all these issues and many more Bosch washing machine repair services, contact our friendly team today.

Popular Bosch Washing Machine Models we service

WAE20262AU/01, FD 9111 903866, WAE24272au/01, WAS24460AU/05, WAS28461AU/01, E-NRWAE18060AU/11, WAE18060AU/11, WAS32740AU/01, WFL1660, WAS32742AU / WTW86560AU, WAE20262AU/01, waw28460au/01, WF02060AU/13, WAE22460AU/13, Was32742au, WAY32540AU/23, WAE24270AU/11, WFL1880AU/29, WAS28440AU/55, WAS28440AU/55, WAS28440AU/55, WAE22460AU, wae20260au, WVH28441AU, WVH28440AU/06, wvh28441au/01, WAS32740AU /01, WVH28440AU/06, WVH28440AU/02, WFL2400AU/30, WFL2060AU/01, WFL2000AU, WFL1880AU/29, WFL1660, WFL 1800, WFL1880AU, WFK2401AU/01, WEA20261AU/01, WBB24750AU/03, WAY32840AU/28, WAY32540AU/39, WAY32540AU/23, WAW28460AU/01, WAS32742AU/10, WAS32742AU/08, WAS32742A

Other Appliances We Repair

Having issues with other appliances or brands? Don’t worry, NWAR technicians provide quality repair for all appliances, large and small, and all appliance brands. Our first priority is to make sure your appliances continue to run as efficiently as possible.