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A cooktop in need of repairs is definitely an appliance that any household would struggle without. Not only is it an aesthetic measure, but this is an important addition used for everyday meals. When this breaks down, you’ll need a repairer to get the job done fast! This is where we come in!

Does your cooktop need professional servicing?

Given the fact that you’re dealing with an electrical/gas appliance that is used quite regularly, it’s quite normal to encounter a few hitches every now and then. However, you’ll want to get only an expert to take a look at your cooktop! This way, you can rest assured that your appliance is in the best hands.

Common Cooktop Problems

Wondering what kind of repairs your cooktop is prone to? Here’s everything you need to watch out for when it comes to this appliance:

  • Knobs that don’t turn
  • Burners that won’t light
  • Cooktop element not working
  • Power not getting to your cooktop
  • Temperature constantly high
  • Leaking gas

Experiencing a problem that doesn’t fit into the above? Our technicians have the skills needed to diagnose a situation and come up with the right solution for the job!

Why choose NWAR for your cooktop repairs?

With years of experience at our fingertips, we’re well equipped to handle any repair your appliance may need. Using a customer-focused approach allows us to get the job done in a manner in which everyone is happy!

  • We’ve been fixing appliances since 2009. Our experience has allowed us to encounter and service problems in Canberra of all makes.
  • We pride ourselves on offering affordable rates for highly skilled and certified engineers that get the job done!
  • We offer a prompt service thanks to a well-stocked spare parts shop that allows us to be as prepared as possible for every job!
  • Your repairs will be covered by complete labour and parts warranty!

Cooktops We Repair

Wondering if we service your particular cooktop? Rest assured that no matter what you have installed, be it a Glass cooktop, Radiant coil element cooktop, Solid element cooktop, Ceramic cooktop or Induction cooktop, we handle them all! Our work isn’t limited to any one particular brand either.

Our Service Areas

Our services aren’t limited to any one particular area. We strive to be accessible for customers all across Australia, here are some of our service areas: