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If you’re in need of oven repairs of any nature, Nationwide Appliance Repairs is the best solution on the market! We all need a fully functional oven to ensure that our kitchen operates smoothly. From freshly baked cakes to all sorts of home cooked meals, the oven is a pivotal appliance in the household that we simply cannot live without so here’s everything you need to know about your oven!

Does your oven need professional servicing?

When an appliance such as this starts acting out of order, it’s always best to look for professional help. An oven can be in need of some pretty hefty repairs that a person with the right expertise should only handle. So, the next time you notice small signs of disrepair, make the right call and contact our team immediately!

Common oven problems

Stay on top of your maintenance: here’s a list of common oven repairs compiled by our team in Canberra.

  • Oven not cooking food evenly
  • Oven not shutting or opening
  • Oven being too noisy
  • Oven failure to turn on
  • Oven temperature not matching the gauge
  • Oven not self-cleaning
  • Smoke or unpleasant smell from oven chambers
  • Broken control buttons or interior lights
  • Gas oven won’t light
  • Oven isn’t heating evenly
  • Strange odor coming from the chamber
  • Unusual noises from the oven chamber

Whether you’re experiencing the above or a problem of a different nature, our technicians have the skill set needed to diagnose the matter and come up with an alternative solution in no time!

Why choose NWAR for your oven repairs?

We know plenty of customers have had their fair share of bad experiences when it comes to appliance repairs but at NWAR we can guarantee a superb track record with all our customers! Here’s what we can promise you:

  • We’ve been fixing appliances since 2009. Our experience has allowed us to encounter and service problems in Canberra of all makes.
  • We pride ourselves on offering affordable rates for highly skilled and certified engineers that get the job done!
  • We offer a prompt service thanks to a well-stocked spare parts shop that allows us to be as prepared as possible for every job!
  • Your repairs will be covered by complete labour and parts warranty!
CHEF brand oven in stainless steel

Ovens we repair

There are various new ovens on the market. Be it gas or electric, no matter the variety of your particular oven, we have the expertise needed to make quick work of your repairs. Here are some of the brands we cater to:

Our Service Areas

Not only do we consistently offer our repairs to citizens residing in Canberra but we make it a point to offer our repairs across the nation as a whole! So no matter where you live, you can count on us to fix your appliance!