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The last thing you want in the morning is to miss your usual cup of coffee, all because your coffee machine is broken. It’s even worse if you’re running a restaurant and have to disappoint your loyal customers when you can’t provide that morning coffee fix. So whether it’s a machine you’ve got at home, office, or fixed at a restaurant or cafe, you need to contact Nationwide Appliance Repair at the first sign of a fault.

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Does your coffeemaker need professional help? 

Coffeemakers that you use everyday can go through major wear and tear. In order to never be without your favorite brew, it’s important to have your coffee machine inspected or repaired immediately when you first notice an issue. If your coffee machine is experiencing one or more of the many problems listed below, and the issue seems to be persistent, then it’s time to call in the professionals! After all, unless you know your machine well enough, you simply can’t diagnose and fix the problems efficiently by yourself.

Common coffee machine problems 

Our technicians have years of experience dealing with coffee machines and other appliances. As such, it’s quite easy to know the most common types of issues you’re likely to face with your coffeemaker. Here’s a list:

  • Bad power cord
  • On/off switch not working
  • Clogged valve
  • Clogged heating tube
  • Won’t complete brewing
  • Won’t heat/overheating

Whether you’re having a complex problem which requires a diagnosis, or a simple fix, we’ve got you covered.

Coffee machine making coffee

Coffee Machines We Repair

Our team provides high-quality repairs for every make, model, and brand of coffee machine out there. With our technological expertise, we do it all. Our expert repairmen are always up-to-date with the latest technologies and can thus service a comprehensive range of appliances and appliance brands including:

Our Service Areas

We will diagnose and fix all problems with your coffee machine. In addition to this, we will clean your coffee grinder and brewing unit, descale the boiler, and do a full internal inspection of your appliance, leaving it as good as new. Wondering if these services apply to your particular region? Luckily for you , NWAR services nationwide!

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