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Nationwide Appliance Repair provides service and repair for all commercial appliances and brands including dishwashers, fridges and washing machines in Australia. As a service provider that’s been operating since 2009, we can assure all our customers that we have the skills and qualifications necessary to take on the job and deliver results in no time!

Do Your Commercial Appliances Need Professional Help?

Commercial appliances carry a lot of brute and can go through major wear and tear. Protect your favorite tools by having them inspected or repaired when you start to notice performance issues. Whether it’s a deep fryer, walk-in freezer, commercial washer and dryer, or anything in between, you need a professional to ensure your appliances are in their best condition. Our technicians know what they’re doing. Our repairmen go through extensive training to get to know the proper techniques to repair commercial appliances.

Common Commercial Appliance Problems

Given the amount of usage commercial appliance are pushed with, it comes as no surprise that these appliances are incredibly vulnerable to damage. However, with each damaged appliance is lost money for your business. Here are some common commercial appliance problems to look out for:

  • Cool Rooms- Leaks (which are breeding sites for mould), evaporator-related issues if the coils of the unit become frozen, overflowing drain pan due to a clogged drain line.
  • Washing Machines- Doesn’t drain properly (clogged drain hose), doesn’t spin (broken belt/motor), leaking water or doesn’t dispense of the detergent.
  • Refrigerators- frost buildup, power problems (made evident by faulty lights when fridge is opened), malfunctioning compressors.
  • Dishwashers- insufficient wash cycles, detergent not being used, clogged pipes etc.

These are just a few problems you’ll find yourself running into while in the industry. Contact us for any appliance mishaps you might have.

Commercial Appliances We Repair

We service every type of commercial appliance from cool rooms to dishwashers and washing machines. With each make and model, and regardless of the brand, we guarantee to have a technician capable of solving your problem and fixing that appliance in no time! We work with major manufacturers to be able to provide an extensive range of spares as well!

Our Service Areas

Our technicians are experienced with the technical knowhow to make quick work of any task and as such we aim to provide our services extensively across Australia. Here are some of the service areas we cater to: 

If you notice something wrong with your fridge, for instance, unusual noises or things melting,

Alternatively, you may fill the “Fast Call Back Service,”
and we will contact you as soon as possible to speed up the process in a manner that is most convenient to you.