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Nationwide Appliance Repair provides commercial fridge repair for a wide range of brands across Australia. Faulty commercial fridges and equipment can result in high consumption and energy costs. Nationwide Appliance Repair is dedicated to providing high quality refrigerator repair services, for your commercial appliances from common electrical issues to more complex repairs.

Does Your Commercial Fridge Need Professional Servicing?

Your commercial fridge is a vital part of keeping operations in your business running smoothly. Should anything happen to this appliance, you’re likely to be hit with a lot of wastage in terms of food, time and money- and not to mention, a lot of unhappy customers. It’s not a risk you want to take so you’ll want to stay on top of routine inspections and maintenance and have a professional repair service on call for when you notice the troubling signs of a commercial fridge in need of repair.

Common Commercial Fridge Problems

Commercial fridges take on a lot of wear and tear due to constant usage. As such, there are plenty of problems that you can be hit with including:

  • Noisy fan
  • Power issues
  • Temperature not regulating
  • Lighting malfunctioning
  • Water dispenser/ice machine not working
  • Not properly defrosting
  • Defrost drain is clogged
  • Water leaking

Notice any of the above or more? We can help you out, simply schedule an appointment!

Commercial Fridges We Repair

Commercial fridges have numerous symptoms of malfunction such as lack of cooling, unusual noise, leaking fluids, broken seals and other issues. If you are experiencing any such issues or others with your commercial fridge call NWAR today and we can have a technician to you promptly. We service various types including Upright fridges, Counter and Prep Station fridges, Under Counter Fridges, Low Fridges and more.  These appliances belong to various well-known brands including:

Our Service Areas

NWAR is the nation’s leading appliance repairer since 2009. We have extended our services to indiscriminately offer appliance solutions to customers across Australia and so our reach includes areas such as:

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