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The last thing your business needs is a breakdown in the appliance department. The disrepair of an appliance as important as your fridge can lead to a lot of food and electricity wastage. It also spells a major inconvenience to your business as you frantically search for a reliable repair service! No longer do you have to invest in poor repairs because NWAR is a leading supplier of repairs in Brisbane & surrounding cities and is more than equipped to handle your commercial fridge repair.

Best Commercial Fridge Technicians in Brisbane

Handling commercial appliances such as a fridge takes considerable technique and expertise, both of which can be guaranteed during our repairs. Our team is simply the best at what they do and this can be guaranteed by our track record of successful repairs and numerous positive reviews as feedback. At NWAR, we make it a point to focus on customer satisfaction so from hospitable phone staff to courteous appliance specialists, we make sure your commercial fridge repairs in Brisbane are in reliable hands.

Same Day Service & 12 Month Warranty

You can’t afford to put your business on hold for a faulty appliance. This is where same day services (under full warranty) come in handy! For reliable emergency repairs on the same day, all you have to do is contact us before 12 PM AEST. We work according to our clients’ needs so if same day service isn’t possible, we’ll work out a time best convenient for you.

Common Commercial Fridge Repairs

With over a decade experience in handling commercial fridges & other appliance repairs in Brisbane, we’ve been able to compile a list of common issues you’re likely to face. You’ll want to watch out for the following problems and call our team ASAP if your appliance shows signs of disrepair.

  • Torn door seal/door gasket
  • A leaking fridge
  • Not cooling well
  • Not making ice
  • Not closing properly
  • Compressor making a loud noise
  • Defrost drain leaking

Extensive Stock of Spares for Your Commercial Fridge

We have all the components needed to ensure a complete service of your commercial Fridge. No more waiting around for spare part deliveries. Should you need fast repairs, our technician will be able to show up fully prepared for his job thanks to our stock of extensive spare parts.

Other Appliances We Repair

Despite how complex or simple your commercial repairs may be, we’re trained to tackle them all, regardless of make & model! You can also count on us to make quick work of all your household appliances, thanks to our extensive experience and resources. Essentially, we’re your go-to solution for all things appliance-related.

Expert Commercial Fridge Repairs in Brisbane