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The state of your commercial appliances directly affects the success of your business. Unlike household appliances, a break down in your commercial appliance, especially one as important as a commercial fridge, can lead to a lot of waste in terms of money and food. Avoid all this by having an expert repair service like NWAR on standby when you notice your commercial fridge is in need of a service.

Best Commercial Fridge Technicians in Melbourne

At NWAR, we pride ourselves, first and foremost, on our ability to deliver smooth and prompt repairs. Each of our technicians are extremely skilled and certified to handle the complexities of commercial fridge repairs. With our years in the field, we have finely developed expert techniques in order to give you on-the-spot solutions.

Same Day Service & 12 Month Warranty

Your commercial fridge is definitely one of the more important appliances in your business so if you’re in need of same day service, you’re in luck! We provide quality same day emergency repairs under warranty for your appliances as long as you call before 12 pm AEST.

Common Commercial Fridge Problems

In our line of work, we’ve tackled various commercial appliance repairs, both complex and simple. Given the susceptibility of these appliances to damage, you’ll want to watch out for the following problems and call our team ASAP if your appliance shows signs of disrepair.

  • Torn door seal/door gasket
  • A leaking fridge
  • Not cooling well
  • Not making ice
  • Not closing properly
  • Compressor making a loud noise
  • Defrost drain leaking

Extensive Stock of Spares for Your Commercial Fridge

We have all the components needed to ensure a complete service of your commercial Fridge. No more waiting around for spare part deliveries. Should you need fast repairs, our technician will be able to show up fully prepared for his job thanks to our stock of extensive spare parts.

Other Appliances We Repair

We are trained to take care of all your commercial appliance needs despite the complexities involved. Allow us to do what we do best as a team of dedicated technicians and give you complete repair solutions in a jiffy. This not only applies to your commercial appliances, however. We also tackle various household appliances in order to make sure we leave each customer with a fully functioning appliance.

Need expert commercial Fridge repairs in Melbourne?