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Your cool room is essential for keeping perishables fresh and safe. When dealing with a major commercial appliance such as a walk-in or a cool room, you need a trained professional to do the job. Don’t risk your cool room defrosting or warming. Here’s everything you need to know on cool room repairs and how we can help you out!

Why Nationwide Appliance Repairs?

Our friendly consultants are waiting and can quickly and efficiently organize for a repair technician to sort out your cool room and have your business back up and running in no time. Reducing cost as well as avoiding possibly costly losses due to perishable goods going off. Our skilled technicians go through extensive training to provide the most effective and up-to-date solutions. They will always come prepared and equipped with the necessary tools for your repair. Our staff is experienced in the latest technologies and repair methods to guarantee a successful repair. It’s their job to make sure all of your appliances, big or small, run smoothly and efficiently. You will always receive a free warranty on parts and labour for your repair.

 Signs Your Cool Room is Malfunctioning

It’s important to recognize the subtle signs that your cool room isn’t functioning the way it should be. To the untrained eye it could go by unseen until you have a massive problem on your hands with your food or any other temperature sensitive product. Once you notice these signs you can call on our team with no future delay.

  • A buildup of frost may appear over the walls and the stored products. This could be due to moist air leaking through a damaged gasket.
  • Water puddles forming may not seem like an emergency but standing water tends to give way to mould. This could be due to a problem with the wall panels. An energy audit might also be in order.
  • Hearing a noisy fan? Getting strange smells? This doesn’t bode well for your cooling unit. Essentially your cool room is suffering from mechanical and electrical problems.
  • An increase in utility bills is definitely something worth investigating if you haven’t been using any other appliances more than usual. Either there’s a malfunction with the thermostat in the freezer room or it’s reached the end of its lifespan.
  • Spoiling foods are a definite sign that there might be something wrong with the cool room. As a capable manager you would have noted the expiry dates of any foods you’re working with- this is where that comes in handy.

Repair or Replace

We only want what’s best for your appliance. With a quick and thorough diagnosis of the problem, we’ll be able to tell you if a replacement is in order or not. We only supply our customers with the best alternative. Should a new appliance be necessary, it can be purchased from our shop.

Your repair is covered with a complete parts and labour warranty. Be sure to check the details on your manufactures warranty for information on additional savings and coverage. Our trained team will provide quality repair for all appliances, large and small, and all appliance brands.

Cool room repair

Cool Room Brands We Repair

We have years of experience working with various manufacturers in appliance repairs. As such, you can trust that we are capable of servicing your appliances from any brand. Brands we service include internationally known Blanco, Bosch, Chef, Electrolux etc.

Our Service Areas

We possess technicians with the skills and capabilities to service your appliance post-haste. We guarantee no hidden prices or short-term fixes and offer our services to a range of areas including:

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