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Your cooktop is not only a stylish addition to the kitchen- it’s a vital appliance that’s used quite regularly to put a meal on the table each day. Be it an electrical or gas cooktop, this is an appliance that requires a lot of professional expertise to deal with, so make sure to call Nationwide Appliance Repairs for all your cooktop needs!

Does your cooktop need professional servicing?

Since your cooktop is an electrical/gas appliance, taking its repairs on as a DIY project can even potentially harm you! This is why you always need to call in for professional servicing when it comes to appliances of this nature. With over a decade of experience at our fingertips, you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

Common Cooktop Problems

Wondering what repairs your cooktop is prone to in Darwin? Here’s a list compiled by our experts:

  • Knobs that don’t turn
  • Burners that won’t light
  • Cooktop element not working
  • Power not getting to your cooktop
  • Temperature constantly high
  • Leaking gas

If you notice any of the above or your cooktop is showing signs of disrepair beyond these, simply make your appointment and we’ll handle the rest!

Why choose NWAR for your cooktop repairs?

We understand that many customers have had bad experiences when it comes to finding a reliable technician in Darwin that operates in an organized manner with no hidden costing but at NWAR, all these worries are a thing of the past! We have an impeccable track record that showcases our ability to get the job done. Here’s what we guarantee:

  • We’ve been fixing appliances since 2009. Our experience has allowed us to encounter and service problems in Canberra of all makes.
  • We pride ourselves on offering affordable rates for highly skilled and certified engineers that get the job done!
  • We offer a prompt service thanks to a well-stocked spare parts shop that allows us to be as prepared as possible for every job!
  • Your repairs will be covered by complete labour and parts warranty!

Cooktops We Repair

No matter the type of cooktop- Glass cooktop, Radiant coil element cooktop, Solid element cooktop, Ceramic cooktop and Induction cooktop- we service them all! Our repairs also extend across various brands including the likes of:

Our Service Areas

Our services are not just offered to the residents of Darwin. We make it a point to grant every resident in Australia the ability to benefit from prompt repairs and on par customer service. Here’s where we service: