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“Nationwide Appliance Repair provides dishwasher repair for a wide range of brands in Sydney and across Australia. If your dishwasher isn’t draining or the water is not properly running into the machine, you may have a kinked or ruptured hose in your unit. A portion of your dishwasher’s drain hose should be at least 0.5m above the dishwasher’s enclosure flood to prevent kinking and folding. Furthermore if you’re dishwasher and your sink share a water line, a clogged sink may be causing your dishwasher to back up as well. If you’ve check your dishwasher hose and it appears to be fine, you may need to check your sink drain.

Our technicians are highly qualified and certify top quality service for all of your dishwasher repair needs in Sydney and across Australia.They are trained in the latest technologies and repair methods, and will always come prepared with the necessary tools and equipment needed for success.

As always, your repair is covered with a complete parts and labour warranty. Check the details on your manufactures warranty for information on additional savings and coverage. Our trained team will provide quality repair for all appliances, large and small, and all appliance brands. Call 1300 652 100 now for a free quote or fill in the “Fast Call Back Service” form on this page and one of our friendly staff will save you the hassle and get in contact with you as soon as possible. Call before 12pm AEST for same-day service. ”


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