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Nationwide Appliance Repair provides prompt, expert dishwasher repairs in Adelaide and its suburbs.  Since 2009, we have been providing quality repair and maintenance service at our support centers, as well as in-home service. Families across Adelaide, from the City of Onkaparinga to the City of Playford, have been able to count on us for fast, friendly and affordable dishwasher repairs.

Does your dishwasher need professional servicing?

When your dishwasher or any other essential household item is not working, it can disrupt your entire daily routine and cause many inconveniences. If you’re used to using washers, doing your dishes manually can be a daunting task, leave alone the time it can take you to do your entire household’s dishes. Fortunately, that is where we come in. At Nationwide Appliance Repair, we give quality, professional dishwasher repairs in Adelaide at affordable prices. We are happy to repair any brand including the major brands, and we strive to always offer respectful and reliable repair services to our esteemed customers.

Common dishwasher repairs

Wondering what dishwasher issues we’ve tackled over the years are most common in Adelaide? We’ve compiled a list!

  • Dishwasher not draining
  • Dishwasher leaves spots on glassware
  • Dishwasher running too long
  • Dishwasher not turning on
  • Dishwasher not drying dishes properly
  • Dishwasher not filling with water
  • Dishwasher not cleaning dishes appropriately
  • Dishwasher making a lot of noise
  • Broken doors
  • Excessive noise
  • Water leaking
  • Overheating
  • Cycle won’t complete

Dishwashers we Repair

Wondering if we cover repairs of your particular dishwasher? At NWAR, we’ve covered many repairs over the years of various makes and models belonging to different brands so rest assured we can tackle your issue!

Our Service Areas

We actively offer our services across Australia so feel free to give us a ring and have a technician dispatched to fix your dishwasher ASAP! Here are some of our service areas:

Dishwasher malfunctioning?