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“Nationwide Appliance Repair provides service and repair for all dryers and dryer brands in Melbourne. Washers and dryers are essential to the kitchen and should be regularly serviced to maintain peak performance. With nearly a decade of experience and a proven record of success repairing appliances, we guarantee an unmatched quality of service and customer satisfaction. We’ve all been there. Ten minutes before heading out the door you go and grab your jacket out of the dryer and it’s still wet. The horror! If you’re clothes aren’t drying, your dryer won’t turn on, or it’s not heating enough, then it’s likely that you have a broken heating element that needs to be replaced or repaired. Never deal with wet clothes again by having your dryer repaired by Nationwide Appliance Repairs. We’re prepared for any situation and carry a massive stock of spare parts for virtually any appliance and appliance brand. Don’t be left out to dry. Your repair is always protected with a complete parts and labour warranty. Check your manufactures warranty for more information on your warranty for potential savings. Call 1300 652 100 now for a free quote or fill in the “Fast Call Back Service” form on this page and one of our friendly staff will save you the hassle and get in contact with you as soon as possible.Call before 12pm AEST for same-day service. Having more appliance trouble? We service all appliances and appliance brands across Australia. “


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