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Electric stoves can be quite dangerous for you to handle on your own when it comes to repairs. This is why you need a professional hand to take a look and fix your appliance with ease! If you’re in need of reliable electric stove repairs, NWAR can help you out of your predicament! We’ve been servicing different types of stoves & appliances with ease since our inception in 2009.

Best Electric Stove Repair Technicians!

At NWAR, each of our appliance specialists are trained and certified to conduct safe repairs on your electric stove. We prioritize our customer’s safety above all else so we make sure we hire nothing short of the best and most qualified for the job! When you pick NWAR, you’re picking quality repairs at affordable rates. We’re also prepared with the latest tools and techniques in order to make sure our repairs go smoothly.

Same Day Service & 12 Month Warranty

Need to have your stove checked out ASAP? We offer tireless same day services for our customers across Australia as long as we receive a call before 12 PM AEST. Having support centers in major cities across the nation helps us show up for each job on time. Worried you might be compromising on quality by opting for this service? Allow us to reassure you by offering a full warranty!

Common Electric Stove Repairs

These are the most common repairs our technicians have faced in the past when it comes to electric stoves. If any look familiar or you’re experiencing any other problem, contact our team to get a technician dispatched ASAP!

  • Range burner won’t heat
  • Oven won’t heat
  • Door won’t shut
  • Interior light is out
  • Oven won’t self-clean

Extensive Range of Spare Parts

Our range of spare parts is inclusive of all household and commercial appliances. There’s not a single component to your electric stove that we cannot provide for you! We invest in highly durable and quality parts in order to ensure that our repairs meet the necessary standards.

Other Appliances We Repair

Our skill set is not just limited to your average household appliances! We also cater to major commercial appliances of varying brands, makes & models. This makes us your one-stop-shop for all your appliance needs.