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Electrolux is a global leader in kitchen and laundry appliances which are a favorite in Australia for their quality and reliability. With our skilled servicemen, you can rest assured that your Electrolux washing machine repairs will be handled professionally and to your satisfaction. Our technicians are well oriented with the various breakdowns associated with washing machines, and even more, they have a unique way of approaching Electrolux brands. Usually, they do a careful examination to come up with a complete diagnosis of the problem before carrying out any repair on your appliance.

Best Electrolux Washing Machine Technicians in Australia!

Are you tired of searching for a qualified technician to provide you with the best Electrolux washing machine repairs? Relax, our service men at Nationwide Appliance Repairs have countless years of experience, and they specialize in working with the top brands in Australia. We offer first class repairs which come with parts and labor warranty. We stock our service vehicles with the modern, reliable tools for our team of thoroughly trained personnel. This facilitates completion of work on the first visit, maximizes ease of work, thus saving time. Our experts can come and conduct repairs in your residence or within our work premises depending on your preference. You can opt for our free consultation call so that you can agree with our friendly staff on all your requirements regarding your Electrolux washing machine repair.

Same Day Service & 12 Month Warranty

Can’t afford to wait days for your technician’s schedule to clear up? The team at NWAR offers a quick fix for this- simply call before 12 pm AEST and we’ll have a technician dispatched for same day service! We have centers located across Australia to be able to aid with prompt repairs so the waiting time definitely won’t be long with us! You don’t have to worry about sub-par repairs because we also offer 12 month warranty on parts to give you added peace of mind!

Common Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Repairs

There are a number of common washing machine repairs our technicians see all the time. These include:

  • Washer not spinning
  • Washer not agitating
  • Washing machine not unlocking or opening
  • Washing machine not latching
  • Washing machine not powering on
  • Washing machine not finishing cycle
  • Washing machine emitting strange noise
  • Washing machine vibrating or rocking
  • Washing machine leaking
  • Washer basin not draining
  • Washer basin not filling with water

If you’re experiencing one of these issues – or any other issues –be sure to call the experts on washing machine repairs at Nationwide Appliance Repairs.

Other Appliances We Repair

Are you having issues with other appliances and brands? You’re in luck! We provide quality repair services for all major appliances and appliance brands across Australia. Our mission is to make sure your washing machines, ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators continue to run as efficiently as possible. Call one of our nationwide offices today for a free consultation. Call us before 12pm AEST for quick and convenient same day service.