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Your freezer is an essential appliance needed to keep your foods safe from spoiling. A malfunctioning freezer can create a wealth of problems for house owners/ business owners (in terms of restaurants, supermarkets etc.). For an appliance like this, you’ll need a trained professional to take care of the job. Don’t risk the situation worsening; hire the best for the job.

Why Nationwide Appliance Repairs?

Our expert repairmen can service a comprehensive range of appliances and appliance brands so you can trust that you freezer repairs will be in safe hands with us. By fixing Australia’s appliances since 2009, we have become accustomed to all sorts of problems you might encounter when it comes to your freezer. With a speedy service, reasonable prices and warranty guaranteed, our beloved customers have nothing to lose by having us as their go-to repairer.

Common Freezer Problems

It’s important to know where exactly the weak points of your freezer lie. This way, as soon as you notice the telltale signs, you can contact one of our professionals immediately without having much energy wasted or food going to waste. Here are some common freezer problems you’re likely to run into:

  • Freezer makes unusual noises- a noise complaint can usually be due to many things that are part of the freezer’s natural operations but if every other component seems to be working fine, this means the evaporator fan motor likely needs to be replaced.
  • Frost buildup- If frost is building up at the back of the appliance where the evaporator coil is located, this likely indicates a problem with the defrost cycle. Culprits include a defective heater, bimetal, defrost sensor etc.
  • Temperature is too warm- the thermostat will likely have to be replaced but first make sure it hasn’t been accidentally adjusted.
  • Water leakage- The defrost drain might be in need of cleaning or the blame might lie with the condensation pan overfilling. You’ll need the pan replaced if you find any cracks.

These are some of the most common problems you’ll encounter. Contact us if you find yourself facing these or any other issues!

Freezers We Repair

Freezers are essential to the kitchen and should be regularly serviced to maintain peak performance. As such, Nationwide Appliance Repair provides service and repair for all freezers and freezer brands in Australia. Popular brands we cater to include Bosch, Blanco, Chef, Electrolux and much more!

Our Service Areas

As trained professionals, our team is equipped to handle any type of appliance repair necessary with the latest tools and resources for the job. We offer these services indiscriminately across the nation to regions such as: 

Our trained team will provide quality repair for all appliances, large and small, and all appliance brands

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