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Fridge Mechanic

Fridge Mechanic

Nationwide Appliance Repair is the number one fridge mechanic in all of Australia. We care for you, your family and your business and we are passionate about our excellent service. Spanning over eight years, our dedication to appliance repairs means that we are able to deliver professional and prompt service on all freezer and fridge repairs across Australia.  Our fridge mechanics have years of experience in the industry and are adept at refrigerator repair across all major brands and models including LG, Whirlpool, and Samsung. All repairs are performed with absolute precision.

Fridges and freezers are an important part of everyday life allowing you to store food and keep it fresh and healthy. Everyone puts food in the freezer or fridge knowing that their refrigerator will preserve all their fruits, dairy, meat, drinks and vegetable products. There’s never a right time for a fridge breakdown since it means food worth hundreds of dollars could all go to waste. Moreover, if you run a business, any breakdown would mean loss of product leading to loss of income. Therefore, don’t get caught out at the most critical time! If you notice any of the following signs, call us immediately:

  • Freezer icing up faster than usual
  • Fridge getting warmer
  • Compressor louder than usual
  • Fridge is flashing or beeping
  • Door not closing

Contact us on 1300 652 100, and we will quickly dispatch one of our licensed fridge mechanics to your home. Each fridge mechanic carries the necessary spare parts for most brands. We also guarantee all parts and labor and also offer free phone consultation. Fill out the “Call Back Form,” and one of our operators will call you.