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Fridge Repair Melbourne

Fridge Repair Melbourne

“Nationwide Appliance Repair provides refrigerator repairs for a wide range of brands across Melbourne, including Geelong and across southern Victoria. Your fridge typically makes noises when it’s running, and most of these noises are perfectly normal. It’s important to know when you fridge noises go from normal, to a potential problem with the unit. Most noises originate in the back of the refrigerator and could be due to a variety of reasons. If you hear a whooshing sound, you may have dirt or dust obstructing the fan or blade motor. Make sure the fan is correctly in place and not hitting anything around it, as that can also cause the fridge to make unusual noises. If you can’t identify the source of the noise, it’s best to call a trained professional rather than poking around in the fridge yourself. As Melbourne’s leading fridge repair service provider, we can solve any issue with your fridge, from common electrical issues to more complex repairs. Our technicians are highly qualified and certify top quality service for all of your refrigerator repair needs in Geelong, across Melbourne and across Australia.

As always, your repair is covered with a complete parts and labour warranty. Check the details on your manufactures warranty for information on additional savings and coverage. Call 1300 652 100 now for a free quote or fill in the “Fast Call Back Service” form on this page and one of our friendly staff will save you the hassle and get in contact with you as soon as possible. Call before 12pm AEST for same-day service.”


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