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Our appliances play vital roles in the functioning of our households. Washing machine no longer working? Dishwasher seems to be jammed? Fridge isn’t cooling? This all spells the need for one thing- a trustworthy professional. For all your appliances, we guarantee absolute solutions at affordable prices covered by certified experts!

Fridge in need of repairs?

The fridge is undeniably the most important appliance in your kitchen. This breaks down and you’ll have to deal with a considerable amount of wastage and plenty of planned meals for the days to follow. Simply call our team for an appointment and one of our experienced technicians will have you sorted in no time! Certified and with years of experience under their toolbelts, our repairers guarantee customer satisfaction.

Common Fridge Problems

If you want to stay on top of your routine fridge maintenance, it helps to be familiar with the type of problems a fridge is prone to. Here’s a list compiled by our experts:

  • Strange noise being emitted from fridge
  • Faulty fridge defrost timer
  • Fridge not cooling well
  • Leaking refrigerator
  • Fridge using too much power
  • Refrigerator compressor not working
  • Faulty fridge thermostat
  • Water dispenser or ice machine not working
  • Defrost drain leaking
  • Torn fridge door seal
  • Torn fridge door gasket

Notice the signs ? Contact us today! No matter how small or complex the problem, we guarantee a solution!  

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