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When the dishes start piling up, laundry hasn’t been done or your utility bills are mysteriously spiking each month, there’s definitely a faulty appliance at play needed to examined by a professional. Nationwide Appliance Repairs is the nation’s provider of appliance repairs so you can trust that you’re definitely in safe hands with us!

Fridge in need of repairs?

Has your fridge been malfunctioning as of late? If you don’t want food going to waste or a spike in bills due to wasted energy, you’ll want to contact our team immediately! We’ve encountered fridges of all makes and models over the past decade and as such, we’re prepared to handle any problem you might be facing.

Common Fridge Problems

It’s always best to keep yourself informed of problems your appliance is prone to so you can call in a technician as you notice the signs. Here’s a list of common fridge problems compiled by our experts below:

  • Strange noise being emitted from fridge
  • Faulty fridge defrost timer
  • Fridge not cooling well
  • Leaking refrigerator
  • Fridge using too much power
  • Refrigerator compressor not working
  • Faulty fridge thermostat
  • Water dispenser or ice machine not working
  • Defrost drain leaking
  • Torn fridge door seal
  • Torn fridge door gasket



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