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FAQ – Fridges

A fridge is one of the most important appliances for any homeowner. It would be such a waste and inconvenience to open your fridge and have to throw everything away because it’s all gone bad. If your fridge is showing any signs of damage or is completely inoperative, it’s necessary to call a fridge technician to fix the problem. At Nationwide Appliance Repair, we have professional technicians with a wide range of skills and comprehensive understanding of all models of refrigerators.
Are you battling with a malfunctioning fridge? Nationwide Appliance Repairs can help fix your fridge! We provide professional refrigerator repairs for a wide range of brands. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about fridge repairs

If the fridge is not cooling, it might not be getting power, or the thermostat could be altered. Dirty and clogged condenser coils might also be a cause. Therefore, you need to clean them thoroughly to ensure they work properly. Make sure nothing is blocking the air vents. The air vents allow cold air to flow and can result to inconsistent temperature if blocked. If any of these fixes don’t work, the door gaskets, evaporator fan or condenser could be defective and may need to be replaced. This should be undertaken by a qualified technician so that he can pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

If your fridge is freezing food, the temperature control thermostat might not be working properly. This might cause the refrigerator to run longer causing the fresh food compartment to be too cold. The air damper should also be checked for faults. If it’s broken or doesn’t close properly, it would let too much cold air into the compartment. Alternatively, the temperature control board may be faulty, causing it to send continuous voltage to the compressor or fan motors. This causes the fridge to be too cold. In order to determine which of these components is defective, you will need a refrigerator expert.

The first reason why your dispenser might not be working is if the water tube in the door is frozen. This can be fixed by simply thawing the water out. To avoid water freezing in the tube, you should always make sure the freezer is set at the right temperature. Another possible cause is a defective water inlet valve. The valve is the one that opens to supply water to the dispenser. If it’s not working, it may need to be replaced. A clogged water filter can also restrict the flow of water to the dispenser hence cause it to malfunction. You require a technician to diagnose the faulty component and repair or replace.

If your fridge is not defrosting properly or not defrosting at all, there may be a problem with several components. The defrost control board may fail hence the refrigerator may not go to defrost cycle. Alternatively, the defrost timer, defrost heater assembly or defrost thermostat may be defective and has to be replaced. Such a problem may be difficult and unsafe to solve by yourself, and you need a professional to troubleshoot the problem and fix it.

Water leaks from the fridge can be not only a bother but also a danger in the kitchen. One of the common causes is a clogged defrost drain. This makes the water to overflow the drain trough leaking on to the floor. You can easily unclog the drain by thawing the ice or flushing with hot water. However, if this is not the cause, the water tank assembly, water inlet valve, water filter housing or drain pan may be cracked or damaged. In such a case, there is no quick fix you can do hence you need to call an expert technician to diagnose the problem and replace the defective part.

If the fridge is warm while the freezer is cold and functioning properly, there could be an issue with the evaporator fan. The evaporator fan pushes cold air into the fridge system to keep it cool. Another possible cause is a faulty damper control assembly. The damper control regulates the cold air entering the fridge section from the freezer. Alternatively, a defective thermistor or temperature control board can be a problem and need to be replaced. In any of such cases, you will need to call a refrigerator technician to fix them.

Before doing anything, you need to check the refrigerator thermostat to correct the temperature settings. If you set it appropriately and it doesn’t function appropriately, it could be faulty, and you may need the help of Nationwide Appliance Repair technicians. Alternatively, the air damper may be broken or stuck hence not able to regulate the amount of cold air that enters the refrigerator.

We offer 3 months service labour warranty on all repairs and 12 months warranty on all spare parts.

If your fridge doesn’t turn on when you open the door, there is no need to panic since refrigerator lights are in most cases fixable. First, make sure your refrigerator is plugged in properly as you might have accidentally misaligned the socket. There is also a possibility that your bulb is broken or burned out. In such a case you may need to replace the bulb immediately. Make sure the bulb matches the original one in all aspects. If the bulb is not defective, you should check if the switch or socket is damaged by testing for continuity using a multimeter. In some cases, the defect may be a symptom of a larger problem, and you need a professional technician to troubleshoot and fix it.

First, you need to carefully examine if there is something that’s blocking the door. Ensure the fridge is level to prevent the door from gaping open. Check the door seal to ensure it’s not damaged, and if it’s not in good condition, consider replacing it.

A blocked defrosts drain can cause water to leak from your refrigerator. To unblock the drain, flush it with hot water. You must also ensure your fridge is level and not leaning forward since water may not be able to drain out.

If your fridge doesn’t turn on, there might be a problem with overload relay or starting capacitor. The overload relay may be overheating or arcing and you may need to replace it. The temperature control may also be faulty. For all these diagnostic tests, you would need a qualified technician to ensure utmost safety and quality service.

There are several possible reasons why your fridge may not be cooling properly. First, you need to make sure the fridge is plugged in, and the thermostat has not been altered accidentally. Overloading the fridge can limit air circulation inside or block air vent. You also need to check the refrigerator condenser coils which are usually located below or behind your fridge. Unplug the refrigerator and then try cleaning them. If these tips do not work, you need to have the fridge professionally serviced since the evaporator fan, condenser fan motor or start relay may be faulty.

Normal operation of the refrigerator usually causes some noise. However, if the noise is unusual, there may be an underlying problem that needs to be alleviated. If the noise is originating from the back of the fridge, the condenser fan, defroster timer or the compressor could be faulty. In such a case there is no quick fix you can do, and you will have to replace the entire part through professional technician assistance.

At Nationwide Appliances Repair, we always want what’s best and economical for you. Our technicians troubleshoot your refrigerator to determine the best alternative. We don’t always recommend fixing; we consider many factors before deciding which option makes more economic sense. Some of the elements you need to consider include age of the fridge and energy efficiency.

If you encounter any of the issues, or your refrigerator is not functioning properly, contact Nationwide Appliances Repair, and we will get your appliance working again

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