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All your appliances work together to bring you a household that is fully functional at all times. What happens when one or more stops working? Laundry piling up, dishes in the sink or food going to waste! Nationwide Appliance Repairs has a team of experts ready to take care of any repairs your household is in need of so you don’t have to experience any of the above.

Fridge in need of repairs?

If your fridge is in need of repairs, you’ll want to hire a technician at your earliest! Else, you risk plenty of foods and beverages going to waste. Operating since 2009, Nationwide Appliance Repairs has a fully skilled and qualified team ready to take on the job! Over the years we’ve experienced all sorts of fridge problems and repairs, so consider us quick-witted in our ability devise solutions for each customer.

Common Fridge Problems

We’ve a compiled a list of common problems you’re likely to run into based on our experience over the years.

  • Strange noise being emitted from fridge
  • Faulty fridge defrost timer
  • Fridge not cooling well
  • Leaking refrigerator
  • Fridge using too much power
  • Refrigerator compressor not working
  • Faulty fridge thermostat
  • Water dispenser or ice machine not working
  • Defrost drain leaking
  • Torn fridge door seal
  • Torn fridge door gasket

Experiencing any problem we didn’t cover above? No worries, with our resources we can have your problem diagnosed and sorted in no time!  

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