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The leading appliance repair company in Sunshine Coast and all of Australia at large, Nationwide Appliance Repairs offers high-quality fridge repair services. If you’re looking for world-class fridge repair services in Sunshine Coast or any other part of Australia, Nationwide Appliance Repairs is your one-stop shop. So if your fridge needs professional help, here’s what you can expect from us.

Does your fridge need professional help?

When your fridge malfunctions, preparing your daily meals comes to a standstill. There is increased food and beverage wastage, with no method to keep your frozen food refrigerated the way it needs to be. If your fridge appears to be having problems, here’s what you can do. If your fridge isn’t cooling properly, first check whether the light inside the fridge is being switched on upon opening the door. Next, check on whether the thermostat has been set properly. It may have been turned down by accident. If both of these things seem to be running the way they should, the next thing to do is check whether your compressor is running. Next, check on the compressor. After all these processes are carried out and your fridge is still either making noises or not cooling properly, you’ll know it’s time to get in touch with the experts.

Common Fridge Problems

With every problem related to the functionality of your fridge, there could be a number of things causing it. This is why it is important to not go beyond diagnosis – don’t try to fix the issue without professional assistance, since this might make the situation worse. As professionals, we’re fully aware of the most common fridge problems you’re most likely to encounter. Here are the most commonly occurring problems we fix:

  • Strange noise being emitted from fridge
  • Faulty fridge defrost timer
  • Fridge not cooling well
  • Leaking refrigerator
  • Fridge using too much power
  • Refrigerator compressor not working
  • Faulty fridge thermostat
  • Water dispenser or ice machine not working
  • Defrost drain leaking
  • Torn fridge door seal
  • Torn fridge door gasket

If your problem isn’t listed above, not to worry! Our trained experts will find the right solution for your fridge, and get it back to its usual working condition.

Why choose Nationwide Appliance Repair?

Why are we the best option for your fridge repair? For us, the customer is always first. We take pride in rendering outstanding customer service and helping clients have peace of mind regarding their refrigerator repairs, as well as other appliances. At Nationwide Appliance Repairs, we give our customers a full quotation before our technicians proceed to repair their fridges. We work according to your convenience, scheduling repairs in your home on a day and time that works best for you. We excel at every need your appliance requires, from technical repairs to general maintenance. We are the most trusted company out there, and that’s a reputation we have earned over the years! As always, your repair is covered with a complete parts and labour warranty too. Check the details on your manufacturer’s warranty for information on additional savings and coverage.

Refrigerators We Repair

We have a crew of highly skilled and qualified technicians who can repair all fridge models from almost every appliance brand out there. From commercial to residential refrigerators and more, we repair a broad range of fridge types, models, and sizes, including side-by-side refrigerators, French-door refrigerators, top-mount freezers, bottom-mount freezers, and others. Our experts are licensed, insured, and certified to fix any fridge issues, from diagnosing the problem to offering the required spare parts and providing you with long-term fridge-care solutions. We provide quality spare parts at friendly prices, which the technicians carry with them whenever they come to your premises. This enables them to repair the fridge during the first visit. We have a fleet of vans fully stocked with the best of spare parts, all of which come with a 12-month warranty, brought down directly from the original manufacturer of your fridge.

Our Service Areas

Not only can you count on us for an extensive range of repairs at reasonable prices, we also make sure to provide our services throughout the nation. Operating nationwide, here’s a list of some of our service areas:

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