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Nationwide Appliance Repairs has been handling Haier appliance repairs since the company’s inception in 2009. As a trusted solution for branded appliance repairs, our team is constantly evolving and updating its tools, resources and knowledge in order to stay on par with world-renowned appliance manufacturers amongst the likes of Haier. If your Haier Washing Machine has been showing signs of disrepair as of late, you can rely on us to get it fixed in no time!

Best Haier Washing Machine Technicians!

At NWAR we strive to be consistent and reliable above all else. In order to do this, we need to take a customer-focused approach in our operations. So, not only are our technicians experts in their industry (capable of tackling any washing machine repair thrown their way) but they’re also highly courteous and mindful of their customers’ needs which we believe to be just as important. If you’re looking for washing machine repairs of high quality at affordable rates, this is the best deal you’ll find!

Same Day Service & 12 Month Warranty

If you’re tired of waiting days for a technician to fix your washing machine, simply call us before 12 PM AEST for reliable same day service! Our team is trained to operate deftly and offer solutions with full warranty upon a prompt diagnosis of the issue. Having technicians in support centers across Australia, you can count on us to have your Haier Washing Machine repairs sorted no matter where you reside!

HAIER washing machine

Common Haier Washing Machine Repairs

Our experts have handled various washing machine repairs in Australia in the past and as such we can give you an idea of what problems your appliance is prone to. If any of the below sound familiar or your washing machine is experiencing any other malfunctions, contact us for further assistance!

  • Not finishing wash cycle
  • Leaking washing machine
  • Noisy or vibrating during wash cycle
  • Drain hose issues
  • Door seal issues
  • Washing machine smells
  • Not dispensing detergent
  • Won’t power on

Extensive Range of Spare Parts

In order to provide reliable repairs for our customers, we need to source durable and high quality spare parts! That is precisely what we offer at our store! We have an extensive range of spare parts for your Haier washing machine (and all other appliances) ready for direct purchase as well.

Other Appliances We Repair

We are a leading source of repairs for all branded appliances, regardless of make and model. If you have trouble with your fridge, oven, dishwasher or any other appliance, simply contact us and we’ll handle the rest!