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We understand that oven repairs can only spell out trouble for your household efficiency. No more home cooked meals or baked goodies, and if you want to rectify the situation fast, you’ll need a professional on standby. Here’s why you should opt for an expert technician once you notice signs of wear and tear in your appliance:

Does your oven need professional servicing?

Since your oven is used quite regularly, it’s exposed to natural wear and tear over the years. This coupled with poor maintenance can cause some serious damage if you don’t service your oven. And this is one particular appliance that can be quite dangerous to tend to on your own, so make sure to hire a professional to see to the job instead. This drastically lessens the chance of you further damaging the appliance or hurting yourself in the process.

Common oven problems

Learn the pain points of your appliance so you can stay on top of your oven repairs. Here are some of the most common repairs our experts in Hobart have had to deal with over the past decade.

  • Oven not cooking food evenly
  • Oven not shutting or opening
  • Oven being too noisy
  • Oven failure to turn on
  • Oven temperature not matching the gauge
  • Oven not self-cleaning
  • Smoke or unpleasant smell from oven chambers
  • Broken control buttons or interior lights
  • Gas oven won’t light
  • Oven isn’t heating evenly
  • Strange odor coming from the chamber
  • Unusual noises from the oven chamber

Make sure to call us,as soon you notice problems relating to any of the above!

Why choose NWAR for your oven repairs?

If you’re wondering whether NWAR is the best choice for the job, our previous repair history speaks wonders! There isn’t a single repair that our experts can’t diagnose and patch up in no time! Here’s what we promise you:

  • We’ve been fixing appliances since 2009. Our experience has allowed us to encounter and service problems in Canberra of all makes.
  • We pride ourselves on offering affordable rates for highly skilled and certified engineers that get the job done!
  • We offer a prompt service thanks to a well-stocked spare parts shop that allows us to be as prepared as possible for every job!
  • Your repairs will be covered by complete labour and parts warranty!
CHEF brand oven in stainless steel

Ovens we repair

Whether your oven is electric or gas-based, and despite what particular make or model it belongs to, you can trust that our technicians have seen it all! There is no appliance we cannot handle so call us today for all your oven repairs!

Our Service Areas

It is our priority to be accessible across Australia, so our services aren’t just limited to citizens of Hobart. Here are some of our service areas: