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Miele washing machine repairs

The reason many buyers select Miele washing machines is because they’re built to provide careful handling of all fabrics, making machine washing possible for a wide range of clothing and other items that might otherwise demand hand washing or other labourious forms of cleaning. This provides a huge perk for the owners of this machine.
In order to keep these washing machines performing at a high level, Miele washing machine repairs or maintenance are often necessary. However, with the professionals at Nationwide Appliance Repairs, these repairs can be completed quickly and easily. With just one call you’ll be on your way to a fully functioning, high performing Miele washing machine once again.


Nationwide Appliance Repairs is a coast to coast repair service that delivers quick, high quality repairs across Australia. From Adelaide to Sydney to Brisbane to Perth and everywhere in between, we provide the quality service you need whenever any of your appliances start to play up.
Our certified repair professionals are extensively experienced in fixing Miele appliances, very much including Miele washing machine repairs. And with our coast to coast distribution of support centres, our technicians are always ready to be deployed to your home or business to quickly begin the process of servicing your appliances and getting your life back on track.
When you call 1300 652 100 or input your information in the Fast Call Back Service form on our homepage you’ll quickly reach one of our customer service professionals. He or she will determine the quickest and most convenient time for your service call, which is when one of our extensively certified and trained repair professionals will head out in a fully stocked repair van to fix your Miele washing machine.


When our certified technicians arrive at your home or business, they will do so with a range of parts for your Miele washing machine. We have parts that come direct from the manufacturer as well as spare parts that we provide with a three month warranty.
It’s important to us to have these parts available when we deploy to a service call so you won’t have to wait for a part to be ordered to have your appliance fixed. Our technician will be able to complete many Miele washing machine repairs on the spot, no delays and no hassle.
That said, if you aren’t in a rush and would prefer to check prices or order a specific part from a specific manufacturer, we also have a parts store that makes it easy for you to do both of those things.


While Miele washing machines have a reputation for excellent handling of fine fabrics, they’re similar to other washing machines in that once in a while, things just go wrong. If you’re having a problem with your Miele washer, chances are it’s one of these issues we see frequently:

  • Washing machine not turning on
  • Washing machine door not latching
  • Washing machine door not unlocking
  • Washer basin not filling with water
  • Washer basin not properly draining
  • Washer cycle not finishing
  • Washing machine not spinning or agitating
  • Washing machine hose leaking
  • Washing machine vibrating or rocking
  • Strange or loud noise coming from washing machine

However, if you’re having a problem with your Miele washing machine that doesn’t fall into the above list, Nationwide Appliance Repairs is still the repair team to call. We’ve seen it all and we’ve fixed it all too, so regardless of what issue you’re dealing with, we can take care of it for you.


If you need a Miele washing machine fix, all you need to do is call 1300 652 100 or fill out the contact form on our home page. If you get in touch by 12 pm AEST we can even get a certified repair technician to your house on the same day. No matter where you are, we’re here for you. That’s the Nationwide Appliance Repairs way.

Miele washing machine repairs
Miele washing machine repairs
Miele washing machine repairs