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Your oven is truly the beating heart of your kitchen; your go-to appliance whether you’re looking to cook, bake, or simply just heat sometimes! When your oven breaks down, it’s incredibly inconvenient. But not to fret! Nationwide Appliance Repair provides oven repair for a wide range of brands in Melbourne, including Geelong and across southwestern Australia. All you have to do is call us up. Here’s everything you need to know about oven repairs below.

Oven heating issues

It’s very important to get your oven inspected and repaired as soon as possible before it becomes a safety concern particularly when it has heating issues related to the heating element. The first step to getting your appliance working right is identifying whether or not you have a problem. In our expert opinion, we have learned that, be it big or small, it’s always best to get the problem solved quickly! So when you’re experiencing oven issues, you’ll know it’s time to call in a professional.

Common oven repairs we undertake

A few common oven repairs to be on the lookout for include your oven not heating, the pilot light not working, strange odors coming from the chamber, and unusual noises are coming from the chamber. But that’s not all! There are a range of different problems you can encounter, so we’ve listed them below to make it easier for you.

  • Oven not cooking food evenly
  • Oven not shutting or opening
  • Oven being too noisy
  • Oven failure to turn on
  • Oven temperature not matching the gauge
  • Oven not self-cleaning
  • Smoke or unpleasant smell from oven chambers
  • Broken control buttons or interior lights
  • Gas oven won’t light
  • Oven isn’t heating evenly
  • Strange odor coming from the chamber
  • Unusual noises from the oven chamber

If you’re experiencing any of the above, scroll down below and check out how you can get in touch with us for the fastest and most efficient oven repair out there.

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CHEF brand oven in stainless steel

Ovens we repair

Whether it’s a gas or electric oven, we repair it all. We repair all models and sizes from single ovens to double built ovens and even compact ovens. With the recent boom in technology, there are many new ovens in Australia’s market. But with the experience we have gained, our expertise is unmatched. At Nationwide, we repair and service a vast range of oven brands including:

Our Service Areas

Here at Nationwide, we know that our success lies in our team. Our technicians are highly qualified and certify top quality service for all of your oven repair needs in Geelong, across Melbourne and across Australia. Our Service areas include:

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