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Oven element replacement

In a lot of ways, your oven is the center of your household and your family. Whether it’s a big meal to celebrate an occasion, a fresh loaf of bread for breakfast, fresh cookies to have with your kids after school, or appetizers to be eaten with friends while you watch your favourite TV show, nothing brings people together like warm, delicious food.

In many households, the oven is used almost every day. The oven is essential, beyond a necessity. So what happens when an oven stops heating up? When it can’t bake, cook or broil? It may feel like it’s time to panic. After wall, what good is an oven with no heat? However, while this may feel like a huge issue that can only lead to the huge expense and inconvenience of purchasing a brand new oven, if you call Nationwide Appliance Repairs, no new oven will be necessary. Chances are, if your oven isn’t heating up, you’re in need of an oven element replacement.


Oven elements may also be referred to as heating elements or bake elements. Regardless of what you call them, when you need a new one, there’s no way around it. No DIY repairs can help postpone the inevitable replacement, so when the time comes, call the trusted repair company that will get the job done quickly and get the job done right.

At Nationwide Appliance Repairs our certified technicians have each completed untold numbers of oven element replacements. We’ve quickly and professionally gotten ovens working perfectly again all across Australia, and we’re ready and waiting to help you out.
If you’re having trouble getting your oven to heat up, simply call 1300 652 100 or fill out the contact form on our homepage for a Fast Call Back from one of our customer service representatives. We’ll set you up with a service call appointment that fits easily into your schedule, and if you can’t go another day with an oven that isn’t working, call us before 12 pm AEST to schedule a same day service call from one of our experienced and highly trained repair professionals.


If you look inside your oven you will likely see two oven elements. They’re the coils on the top and the bottom of the oven that turn orange or red when your oven is heating up.

To tell definitely that one or both of your oven elements needs to be replaced, you can safely perform a simple test. To determine if the upper heating element is working, turn on your oven’s broil function. Wait one or two minutes, then open your oven to look at the top element. Is the entire thing bright orange or red? If yes, your element is likely fine. If it’s dark, the entire element is no longer working. If parts of it are bright orange or red and other parts are dark, the element is only partially working. There is no repair possible for a partially working element, and the entire oven element will have to be replaced.

To check the lower element you’ll repeat a version of this test. Instead of turning on the broiler function, set the oven to 175 degrees Celsius. If the element is working, you will see it turn orange or red within a few minutes of turning on the oven. To be sure you can wait ten minutes and open the oven door. If your oven is hot – hot enough to bake cookies – your bottom element is fine. If it isn’t hot, you need a bottom oven element replacement.


Once one of our customer service representatives has set you up with a service call, you can be sure your oven will be back in fine working order shortly. Our repair technicians travel in fully stocked company vans carrying oven element replacements from a range of manufacturers – LG, Maytag, Miele, Chef, ILVE, Electrolux, Bosch, GE, Whirlpool, Chef and many more. Our replacement oven elements come with a 12 month parts warranty, and our repairs and oven element replacements come with a three month warranty.

Oven element replacement
Oven element replacement
Oven element replacement

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