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If your Panasonic Fridge is showing a need for repairs, you’ll want to contact a reliable repair service to sort this issue out once and for all! Your fridge is a kitchen staple that needs to be functioning at all times but if you opt for subpar technicians, you risk having recurring problems with your appliance. Instead, we offer our trusted services across the nation and guarantee to have your fridge up and running in no time!

Best Panasonic Fridge Repair Technicians!

At NWAR, we guarantee to supply you with the best Panasonic Fridge Repair technicians available no matter where you reside! Each of our employees are highly trained and skilled when it comes to fridge and other appliance repairs. We pride ourselves on offering a smooth customer experience from beginning to end so you can expect our staff to be courteous and ready to clarify your doubts.

Same Day Service & 12 Month Warranty

We understand that appliances like your fridge need urgent assistance. That is why we work according to schedule and with utmost efficiency in order to guarantee you a speedy fix of your Panasonic Fridge no matter where you reside in Australia. Call us before 12 PM AEST and we can even offer you same day service! All our services and parts are offered on warranty to give you additional peace of mind.


Common Fridge Repairs

It’s always best to stay on top of your fridge repairs so you know just when to call a technician! Our experts have encountered various types of fridge repairs so we’ve compiled a list of common fridge repairs you’re likely to run into:

  • Strange noise being emitted from fridge
  • Faulty fridge defrost timer
  • Fridge not cooling well
  • Leaking refrigerator
  • Fridge using too much power
  • Refrigerator compressor not working
  • Faulty fridge thermostat
  • Water dispenser or ice machine not working
  • Defrost drain leaking
  • Torn fridge door seal
  • Torn fridge door gasket

Extensive Range of Quality Parts

Wondering where you can get quality parts for your Panasonic fridge? At NWAR we have our very own comprehensively stocked spare parts store ready to deliver! This allows us to offer you a speedy repair service with no waiting times.

Other Appliances We Repair

We repair all other household and commercial appliances regardless of brand, make and model! This includes cooktops, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers and much more! Call us today for all your appliance repairs!