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Rangehood Repairs

Nationwide Appliance Repairs has years of experience in the appliance repairs industry including rangehood repairs. Over the decades, our company has developed a reputation through our friendly service, honest quoting system, and professionalism. We are masters in rangehood repairs for both commercial and domestic kitchens.

A rangehood is a crucial part of every kitchen as it ensures you get adequate ventilation during the preparation of meals. In many cases, this part of the kitchen is often neglected, and you will rarely hear someone talking about it. However, you surely need a ventilation system if you cook over a range, grill, or oven. Its main purpose is to expel the smoke that is produced while cooking. Smoke can be toxic and has serious health hazards, a great reason why you need a fully functioning rangehood.

Our team of technicians can provide onsite rangehood repairs whether it is fixed on a wall, one that is retractable or slides out and, even a canopy. Common problems noted with this product are things like excessive noise, not turning on, a rangehood failing to provide adequate ventilation or one that emits burning smell or unpleasant odors. Luckily you can trust our trained experts to handle all these issues and get your rangehood up and running.

Nationwide Appliance Repairs has a fleet of mobile service vans that makes it easy to come to your home or other premises within a short time. Our repairs come with a full labour and spare parts warranty. Reach us today through 1300 652 100 to ask for a free quote or complete the “Fast Call Back Service” form on our site. Call us before 12 pm AEST, and we will immediately dispatch a team to your premises.