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Do I Really Need a Stand Mixer?

Stand mixer

If you’ve walked into a kitchen with a stand mixer like Kitchenaid, you have probably felt that pang of desire that comes with fabulous kitchen appliances. They not only look good, but they also do everything.

A stand mixer combines heavy-duty steel with a powerful motor, making it essential for professional cooks and bakers. But are they necessary in the average kitchen?

And more importantly, are they worth the financial investment? We think so, and here is why. 

They are better than human hands

For centuries, many a loaf of bread has been mixed and made with nothing but elbow grease, and of course, it is still possible to do this. But why would you? Having a stand mixer on hand is essentially like having a constant kitchen assistant.

While you chop, it can mix. While you fry, it can whisk. And let’s face it, it does it better than you, and certainly more quickly. If you’re looking to cut down your prep time and simply make your life easier, a stand mixer is for you.

They have multiple functions

The flat beater is used for most kitchen tasks, blending ingredients, mixing cake batters or prepping meat for burgers. Anything you would usually mix or combine by hand can be done with this attachment.

The whisk attachment is most often used for beating egg whites into stiff peaks, whipping cream, or making homemade butter. What about the dough hook?

This is the attachment for kneading. If you’ve ever made bread, you’ll know that this feature is going to save you hours of effort as it does all the hard work for you.

Suddenly baking bread, pizza dough or buns seems a much less daunting task.

The sky is the limit

Stand mixers have a range of extra attachments that can be purchased for almost any kitchen task. You can get attachments that roll and cut pasta, slice and dice, make ice cream, spiralize vegetables or grind meat.

This means that the possibilities are endless once you’ve bought the initial machine. With regular services, the stand mixer should be a lifetime investment.

The chances are, when you think of a stand mixer, you think of Kitchenaid, but actually, there are hundreds of brands out there that have great products.

Do you really need a stand mixer? Maybe not. Is it worth it? We think so! Contact Nationwide Appliance Repairs for information on servicing or repairing your stand mixer.

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