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Nationwide Appliance Repair has been providing quality repair for Samsung refrigerators in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & across Australia since 2009. Samsung the world’s leading information technology company with a widely established brand and huge line of state-of-the-art appliances. Today, the South Korean company produces refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, ranges, vacuums and more.


Need emergency repairs for your Samsung fridge? We have technicians based across Australia for this very purpose! All you have to do is give us a call before 12 pm AEST and we’ll have one of our very best dispatched for same day service! Tired of settling for subpar repairs and spending hefty amounts for temporary fixes? No more, with NWAR we also offer 12 month warranty on parts & labor to assure our customers that we do our very best for every single job!


Being a leading repair service provider in Australia since 2009, you can count on us to do nothing but an excellent repair on your fridge. Each of our employees go through a rigorous training and screening process to ensure we work with technicians that have the skill set and technical know how to do a thorough job. This is why NWAR is a repair service you can trust.

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Some of the fridge issues that we repair include:

    • Torn door seal or door gasket

We can easily replace broken, cracked and aging fridge seals to ensure that your fridge door is sealing and cooling properly. This will also save you money and reduce energy consumption in your electricity bills.

    • A leaking refrigerator

Leaking fridges is often a symptom of a drainage issue. Our technicians have all the necessary tools to unblock and detect the location of the blockage to get your refrigerator working properly again.

    • Fridge not making ice anymore

Your fridge may no longer be producing ice or sufficiently cooling the freezer section due to a myriad of reasons such as broken door seals, compressor issues, blocked air passages etc. Our expert refrigeration technicians can diagnose the exact cause upon inspection.

    • Fridge door not closing properly

Due to alignment issues, worn hinges, damaged doors and many other reasons, your fridge door may not be closing properly anymore. We can find the exact problem and have it repaired for you in no time.

    • Fridge compressor making a loud noise

The compressor may be at the end of its life or have failed prematurely, quite often this means the compressor needs to be replaced. We stock the necessary compressor spare parts to have your fridge fixed and running like new again. Of course, there are several other refrigerator issues that we repair. Even if the problem your fridge is having is not listed here, make an appointment with us, and our highly trained specialists will come and check it.


Our technicians are able to show up for each job well-prepared thanks to our extensively stocked spare parts store. We have a range of fridge spare parts, each of a high caliber, available for purchase and quick repairs.


Having issues with other appliances or brands? Don’t worry, NWAR technicians provide quality repair for all appliances, large and small, and all appliance brands. Call us for a free over the phone consultation. We have technicians in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and so may be able to provide same-day service on your Samsung fridges and other appliances. Our first priority is to make sure your appliances continue to run as efficiently as possible for as long as possible. So call us now.


Different to most other repair services, we make it a point to offer our repair services across the entire nation! We believe in accessibility when it comes to quality repairs so all our customers can benefit from our service without settling for less!