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Simpson washing machine in need of repair? If your laundry has been piling up and you need your appliance fixed up ASAP, you’ve come to the best place! Nationwide Appliance Repairs is the leading source of all services appliance-related! We’ve services countless washing machines and appliances, and can guarantee you a reliable repair at all times.

Best Simpson Washing Machine Repair Technicians!

NWAR takes great pride in maintaining a qualified and experienced workforce dedicated to consistent repairs! Each of our technicians are appliance specialists, certified and insured to take on various appliances. Extensive training and years in the field have made them adept at analyzing a problem and giving you the best possible solution in no time- and at reasonable rates too!

Same Day Service and 12 Month Warranty

Dirty clothes piling up each day and you can’t afford to wait any longer for a technician? NWAR has support centers distributed across the nation for your convenience! We can have a technician dispatched to your doorstep with no interruptions for a service with full warranty! We also offer same day service- all you have to do is give us a call and schedule your appointment before 12 PM AEST!

Simpson washing machine


Our technicians have worked extensively and know just what type of washing machine repairs you can expect from your appliance. Here are the most common issues we’ve tackled:

  • Not finishing wash cycle
  • Leaking washing machine
  • Noisy or vibrating during wash cycle
  • Drain hose issues
  • Door seal issues
  • Washing machine smells
  • Not dispensing detergent
  • Won’t power on


Durable Parts for your Simpson Washing Machine

Get your hands on top quality, durable parts for your Simpson Washing Machine, making your repairs far more hassle-free and quicker! We can have our technician dispatched highly-prepared for the job at hand once you make your order.


Other Appliances We Repair

Appliances we repair are not limited to a particular brand, make or model. We repair a range of household and commercial appliances including cooktops, fridges, dishwashers, ovens and much more! Simply call us today to have your appliance fixed up in no time.