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Stove Repairs

Do you need assistance with stove repairs, replacement or maintenance? Nationwide Appliance Repairs is ready to help. We assure you same day service that never interrupts your schedule. Our skilled men are spread in every borough of Australia. We service several designs such as dual and single burners, gas stoves, freestanding ranges, cooktop stoves, and many more.

When it is about stove repairs, it is wise to leave it in the hands of professionals. It can be very risky at times to handle some defaults when you are not familiar with the complexity and nature of the problem. Electric and gas stove repairs can result in electrical damages such as fire. Nationwide Appliance Repairs has a reputable squad of technicians with tons of experience in conducting successful stove repairs in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, and other parts of Australia.

Stoves come in handy in preparing many different kinds of meals. Various foods and different stages of cooking usually require a particular intensity of heat. For instance, boiling requires strong heat while simmering needs only medium to low heat. If your burner doesn’t turn on or does not allow you to control the temperature, you will not be able to cook a recipe the way you should. Other shortcomings that our professionals come across include stove not cooking correctly, electric stove not heating, poorly fitted door, inconsistent temperatures, adjusting the heat on an electric stove as well as gas stove not igniting.

If your stove is disappointing you due to its malfunctions, don’t get stranded. NWAR has trusted technicians who undertake stove repairs with labour and spare parts warranty. Call us to request a free quotation or fill in the “Fast Call Back Service” form on our homepage. If you would like same day service, please call us before 12 pm AEST.