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Is there a “best way” to load a dishwasher?

Apparently there is! According to experts, how you load your dishwasher affects not only the cleanliness of your dishes, but the longevity of your dishwasher too. Have you every removed dishes to find they are still dirty? Washing dishes by hand after they’ve been through the dishwasher (or repeating the cycle) is a waste of … Read more

How to make your laundry more energy efficient

Modern washing machines and dryers have good energy-efficiency and many customisable features that make it possible to easily save money and energy. Washing machines account for about 7% of your household energy bill, and hot water about 10%. With a few simple changes, you can save money and ensure your home is being kind to … Read more

What to look for when buying an oven

Buying a new oven is an exciting task, but the choices are endless when it comes to design and features. Here is our list of what to look for when buying a new oven.   Gas or electric? Whats the difference between gas and electric ovens? A gas oven has a naked flame on the … Read more

How to Choose a Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers are essential to most homes, ensuring clothes are dried quickly during wet or winter seasons. Choosing a tumble dryer might seem simple, but there are a range of models available and some key decisions to make when considering the right tumble dryer for your home. These are our top tips for how to … Read more

Is it Worth Repairing Kitchen Appliances?

When something goes wrong with an important household appliance like a fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine or dryer, you usually want to get things sorted quickly. Obviously, you can’t go long in the summer without a fridge and most families struggle to last a week without a washing machine. There is no easy answer to … Read more

Facts to Know About Unclogging your Range Hood 

Often taking a look under your range hood can be a scary business. It’s easy to remember to clean the surfaces we can see – counters, stove tops, even fridge and cupboard doors. But the range hood is one of those out-of-the-way surfaces its easy to just forget about. If you can’t remember the last … Read more

4 Quick and Easy Steps to Defrosting Your Fridge Freezer

  Defrosting your fridge freezer is essential to keep it working efficiently. Whether your appliance is frost free or not, it will benefit from a twice yearly defrost and deep clean. Follow these 4 quick and easy steps to defrosting your fridge freezer. 1. Switch off and unplug Open all the doors and remove any … Read more

5 Signs That Your Dishwasher Needs Repair

Do you know if your dishwasher needs repair? Maybe your dishwasher is not working well but you cannot decide whether to replace or repair it. These signs will help you to make a decision. Your dishwasher does not power on If you plug in your dishwasher but it does not power on, confirm that you … Read more

3 Sure Signs That Your Washing Machine Needs Repair   

Have you noticed the inconsistent performance of your washing machine of late? Perhaps you have. But you are not sure if it is a serious problem that requires repair or it’s something you can live with. We highlight three key signs that will help you know that your machine certainly requires repair. What sound does … Read more

Common Problems With Fridges And How To Fix Them

The refrigerator is one of the most common appliances in your home. It will be a serious inconvenience if anything goes wrong with it. But often it fails to work as expected. There are common problems associated with refrigerator and we show you how you can fix them. Your refrigerator is over running              The refrigerator … Read more